As one of our core company values, we care about the impact we have on our connected communities.


Our Vision

Our Vision

"To build a naturally progressive & ambitious culture, delivering the highest performing solutions, with a positive impact on our connected communities."

Our Vision

Our Values

Our Values

Ambition, Community, Expertise, Innovation, Progression, Trusted.

Our Values

We work closely with our vendor partners to ensure that the supply chain is as sustainable and ethical as it can be. This includes initiatives that allow us to reuse and recycle equipment as well as supporting our vendors pre-used or refresh products and programs. For example, we are working with Cisco to promote their Certified Refresh Programme, which helps us to bring our customers the same high value of Cisco products but at significant savings.
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We are also currently exploring Hardware’s impact on the environment with the objective of net zero carbon footprint by 2023.

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