Homepage Variants

v1 First draft of original wireframe design
v2 Changed header to sliding banners of promotions
(Still problem with responsive re-sizing)
v3 Changed header to sliding banners of company information
Changed info boxes to promo boxes
v4 Playing with 'Sticky Tabs' on page.
Moved 'Certifications & Expertise' above 'Our Valued Clients'
v4-1 Trying to get sticky div positioned using vw units
Currently on LHS
How to implement site-wide??
v5 Video in the page header
v6 4 Tiles in head section rather than 3
v6-1 Sames as v6 but with:
- Header cloaked with a display:none
- Carousel video overlay removed
- Video expanded (all screen sizes)
v6-2 Sames as v6-1 but with:
- All-green main logo utilising drop-shadow
v6-3 Sames as v6-2 but with:
- Trying to overlay video with semi-transparent overlay/filter
v7 Clean page with fancy carousels (hopefully)