Data Centre

Hardware support small businesses through to the largest data centres in the world.


Data Centre Control Console

From design through to build and implementation, we work seamlessly with you whether you're migrating to a new Data Centre or building a new environment. A Data Centre provides you with control and management of your infrastructure allowing you to orchestrate policies for your workloads. We work with you to find the right setup for your needs and requirements, ensuring you have an agile and manageable infrastructure.

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Common Data Centre issues, we can help you solve:

Network can't cope with remote working
We can ensure you have a solution that is adequate enough to cope with demands from across your dispersed workforce.
Network speeds are affecting productivity
We can explore the best of breed solutions to ensure your network operates as efficiently as possible.
We're on a recruitment drive, but more employees means more traffic
We can increase your capacity, whilst not compromising on scalability, manageability and sustainability.
Complex environments
With enhanced design and virtual deployment, the latest Intent Based Networking solutions help simplify the design.
Device mobility constraints
Move workloads seamlessly between physically remote locations allowing true application portability.
Spiralling operational costs
Reduce your footprint with more power efficient servers and networking equipment reducing your overall expenditure.
Device and application visibility
With a wide range of tools we can help you manage the infrastructure and applications at your remote locations.
Upgrade, consolidation, migration
Our team has extensive experience in infrastructure consolidation and can assist with upgrades and migration planning.
E-Waste and asset recovery
Let us remove the burden of recovery and destruction of end-of-life equipment.

Some of the key benefits we can bring to you:

  • Closed Loop Automation and Assurance - This offers continuous validation that enables you to instantly pinpoint and quickly resolve issues across all of the infrastructure. Automation allows speed, reliability and human challenges that IT departments must overcome (on a daily basis).
  • Flexible and Open Fabrics - Data Centre's and security platforms let you connect, view, protect and cohesively manage a distributed network. We can offer a single, consistent operating system across devices, so your network behaves as it should and you expect/want it too.
  • Application Oriented Orchestration - Handle overlay connectivity, operations, automation and insights across multiple infrastructures, workload types and technologies.
  • Security - Safeguard your users, applications, data, and infrastructure across all network connections. Using automated security software allows you to define, manage, enforce an view policies from a central location/portal.
  • Technical Assistance - Our technical team will be able to take the stress out of the scope, design and implementation of each project.

Which Vendors does Hardware work with for Data Centres?

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