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The Technical Team: Brian Gallagher


Life Inside Hardware - Technical Insight

Author(s): Emma Meecham Jones & Brian Gallagher

Technical Insight

In September this year we warmly welcomed Brian Gallagher into our Hardware team, with his broad range of experience within systems engineering, his skill set could only benefit our existing specialist technical resource.

The technical team are often kept 'behind the scenes' of an operating business, and yet play such a pivotal role in organisational success. Therefore, we thought it'd be of interest to gain an insight into Brian's personal experience settling into his new role and the on-boarding process he experienced in joining the Hardware team.

Take a little read below to find out how Brian's hardware journey has begun...

"I assumed the position of Senior Systems Engineer at Hardware on 20th September 2021. It began with a 45-50 minute commute into the office. This hybrid routine of venturing into the office 2-3 times a week was a little strange to adapt to after being bound by remote working for the last 18 months as a result of the recent pandemic. However, being present in the office has been great.

It was also brilliant to be involved in the company mid-year sales presentation and social event – it was even my team that won the virtual horse racing event! Albeit virtual, this event helped me put names to many faces even if over Zoom.

My induction over the initial first week was excellent. Introduced to those across departments, I had a chance to get acquainted with my new colleagues, learn more about Hardware as a company, how COVID-19 had had an impact and how new business opportunities and developments were positively transitioning the company forward.

Something that stood out during my early introductions to the company, was quite how happy and positive everyone I met was about the company and the future.

Focussing on the Technical team itself, I now work alongside a group of colleagues who have really welcomed me into the team and are all keen to help each other. We have a range of skills that match Hardware's vendor environment, and I am very much looking forward to developing my Juniper skills to complement my extensive Cisco background. The mix of vendors that Hardware partner with was a major consideration in choosing to join the company. It is both daunting and exciting at the same time to take on new challenges, and that after many years within the industry there is still so much more to learn.

Regarding training and certifications, I have now completed my JNCIA-Junos and have also embarked on the JNCIS-ENT to continue my Juniper education. Shortly, my colleague and I are due to undergo the MIST boot-camp training with Juniper and hope to complete the JNCIA-MIST certification to achieve Partner MIST specialisation status afterwards. MIST will be one of our focus areas for the technical team and a new MIST installation in the office will help cement knowledge to help support the Sales teams with demonstrations and pre-sales support.

We have a similar plan for Cisco SD-WAN also, and a program to develop the technical team knowledge and skills to help support the sales teams with specific VManage demonstrations.

Aside from all this forward planning, as the technical team we also need to keep a constant eye on the increasingly busy HelpDesk, where Pre-Sales requests are logged and assigned to the team. These include requests range from SMB computer purchase requests through to regular call-offs for equipment we store locally for large service providers as well as multi-million-dollar global network design and deployment deals. It's still very early days, but I am very much looking forward to the experiences and challenges that are to come at Hardware."