A cost effective, automated and programmatic approach to managing network connectivity and application management.


Optimise user experience with SD-WAN

Incorporating Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) into your existing WAN infrastructure allows optimisation of operational functionality and user productivity, whilst also reducing costs and simplifying management. Efficiently connect your offices to their data centre, SaaS and cloud applications.

Our engineers are able to implement SD-WAN solutions through a range of vendors: Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet and more. Speak to our specialists today to discuss which avenue would be optimal for your business, and how we can tailor your solution for maximal efficiency.


Key Benefits of SD-WAN over Traditional WAN

More Effective Security

SD-WAN utilises encrypted VPN tunnels, suitable for public network use. This streamlines network security, removing the demand for an additional firewall and data analysis, boosting infrastructure efficiency.

Instant ROI

MPLS and other connectivity technologies are both outdated and costly when considering total cost of ownership. SD-WAN significantly reduces bandwidth expense and capital costs through the consolidation of multiple network and security products.

Increased Efficiency & Flexibility

The automation in controlling and diverting traffic creates a centralised, simple, and effective environment to deliver fast connectivity. SD-WAN differentiates and prioritises traffic to minimise quality imperfections through real-time analysis, decreasing pressure on IT personnel.

Optimised User Experience & Productivity

Traffic prioritisation allows for lower latency and less dropouts, ultimately creating a seamless user experience without disruption. Operations can function with increased reliability and efficiency and business-wide productivity is improved.

Why Hardware?

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