Server & Storage

Hardware are Partners with the Top 3 Compute & Store names: Dell, HPE and Lenovo.


Servers and Storage

With our extensive experience, we are able to future proof your infrastructure using intelligent storage. Increase staging performance to improve agility, flexibility and security.

We look to fully understand your business needs and tailor a solution fit for purpose, backed up by own In-house technical facilities, this allows us to deliver your custom built requirement.

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Common IT Issues that Hardware can Help Solve

Cost of running the servers is high
You may be able to consolidate machines to save money.
Having to replace things every few years
We can architect in expandability allowing you to scale up/down according to your business needs/growth.
Applications running slowly / performance issues
Infosight monitoring and tracking applications can be built in and will improve productivity by easing their management needs.
Need to sweat my assets
We can work with you to build the business case to illustrate how not sweating your assets can actually save you money.
Support is too expensive
Don't go without, we can show how you can upgrade and have support instead of paying for support renewal with old equipment.
Business has just implemented a new application (CRM/ERP)
Now is the time to ensure your environment is suitable to cope with the increased traffic and avoid issues.

Key benefits we can bring you

Having a 4 hour support is reassuring, but, what if the 4 hours costs your business lost revenue? We design systems that take into account your business priorities.

Licensing Costs
Keeping track of licenses is complex, it is constantly changing and becomes very costly. With our knowledge of all operating systems/platforms we can deliver a cost effective system that pays for itself over its lifecycle by reducing licence costs.

Logistics and Leadtime Issues
Whether you are deploying a one-off project or a roll out across multiple sites, we have warehousing and logistics experience to do this on a global scale. Lead times can also be a challenge, our supply-chain can source alternative options and we are also able to hold stock.

Nobody really knows exactly where their IT requirements will be in the future, e can at least give you a cost effective upgrade path.

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