Staging Facilities

Hardware, Pre-Tested, Pre-Configured, Ready to Use.


Hardware Staging Facilities


Reduce time, cost and stress with pre-staged & configured IT infrastructure.

We have two approaches to provide you with this:

The 'Sandbox' Approach

  • We will partially replicate a customer's network architecture offsite, in a third-party pre-staging centre to configure and test equipment, mitigating risks prior to going live.

This allows for ultimate flexibility due to the ability to try different implementations – from the physical layout of the network, to the configurations of its software.

It is the only chance an engineer will have to try different, better configurations.

Faults and failures can also be introduced in order to formulate contingency plans for the customer in the event of device failure down the line.

Large Roll-Out

  • While pre-staging is ideal for projects where network architecture is small enough to be replicated, this is not always the case. Often large rollouts are required across multiple sites.

Our customers can specify the desired hardware, have the configurations loaded onto the devices and delivered to multiple sites, pre-assembled and ready to go live.

Equipment is delivered not only pre-assembled, but with relevant labelling requirements completed, added asset tags, and accompanied with the correct cabling specified to each product.

Take weeks off engineer call out time.

We Offer Tailored Solutions

Our team at Hardware can tailor your pre-staging to individual requirements. We have extensive experience with customers and projects from small CPE to complete datacentre deployments.

Implement and upgrade your network infrastructure with efficiency.